Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Too Tough to Tell the Truth

I've put them on nearly every day.  These gloves have been the protector of my hands since September 26th, the day we started the carport in Bend.  Except for a five-day break around the first of October, every other day the Things I get to do today involved building (along side my hubby who did the heaviest of work) the foundation and structure that would provide shelter for Samantha (she's a long-ago-retired Forest Service Jeep who's needed a cover for years).  
Hiding the truth about the effort it takes to build a carport.

The gloves are just cheap throwaways.  But we shed our dirty clothes each evening, and the gloves got tossed into the wash with all the rest.  Everyday they were fresh and clean.  It certainly made it easier to put them on.  

The carport is to go along this sidewalk.

It wasn't until the last day, as we poured grout behind the retaining wall, that I noticed gaps where the thumbs join the hands.  These little tears do not tell the truth about the work they did from dirt to finish.

The footings were to be two feet deep and one
foot square.  This is what we found in most
of the holes for the footings.

West side footings  are poured.
Took a few days break here.

Extra help putting up the "bents" and bolting them to
the footings.

Finally well "out of the ground"
Smiling Sheltered Samantha
The sign belonged to the construction business of  the
previous generation.  The company would have been proud.


  1. Nice job. The sign is a gem. My childhood phone number was HE9805. Hemlock, 9805.

    1. Hemlock! How charming. The MI in the number above is for Mitchell. Can tell the age of things by their phone numbers. Oh my!