Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Signs of Spring

Spring comes pulsing, even at this time of year. Be looking for it. The hope of spring gets us through dark, wet, cold, damp, snow, sleet, ice, rain and grey. The most fun Things I get to do today are filled with the vibrance of Spring. Already.
Seeds ready for next spring starting: Sun Gold, Jeune Flamme, Rapreco Paste, Green Zebra, Galina Yellow Cherry.


  1. I admire all you serious seed savers. I seriously browse at the nursery for those nice little peat pots with green plants growing up.

  2. How many seeds have I saved and never planted? Let's not go there. Or then there was the year I planted what I had grown, gave away the rest. Frost came that night and took them all down. I bought full grown plants from the near-by school's PTA fundraiser. Lessons in agriculture, weather and humility--the garden provides them.