Monday, October 7, 2013

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Glorious before become soil again
Passing from alive to not alive is seldom done gracefully.  My Rhubarb has it mastered I observe during the garden clean up Things I get to do today.  No longer erect and crisp, the stalks have lost their will. The leaves lay flattened, exposed, vulnerable and, most of all, beautiful and elegant.

No fear of letting go
What lesson is here?  Is it possible that what lies beyond is more glorious than what we are so attached to in this physical awareness? Consider the lilies. Consider the Rhubarb. Consider yourself.


  1. Poetic and deep for this early in the morning!

    1. That quiet time of day is sometimes the best for letting these thoughts in.

    2. Months have passed... and this post was missed,,,not intentionally.
      October- the month of healing after big back surgerys and lung sugery- for me the Tweedles.
      This post has come to me at a time when I am able to read your words, and ponder what your saying,,,
      consider ourselves,,,
      is there something more?
      tell me what you think

    3. I think, dear Tweedles, that we love life and its fullness, but we know that what lies ahead is more magnificent than we can imagine. All is in Divine Right order, and there is no need for fear as we leave the physical realm. When we really know that, we slide out gracefully and sweetly.