Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mystery Plant Unmasked

Feels like a sunflower--can almost see the seeds forming at the base of
each tiny flower.
It gave itself away. If one waits long enough, all is revealed. So I watched.  The petals fell rather quickly from the radiant blossom  And then the tiny flowerettes opened on what looked like seeds. Dahlias do not produce seeds. These seeds were separate and sturdy, sunflower like.

Same veins as a sunflower leaf

The leaves were furry, similar to heart-shaped ones of the sunflower family.  One central leader stem had multiple flowers sprouting from the stalk.

Shouting a vibrant "Mexican" to the sunflower name.

Playing on the hunch from my plant-wise friend, I added Mexican to the sunflower search and found many pictures that looked just like my specimen.  Comments on the previous blog say that it reseeds and grows again year after year. Comments also suggest naming the flower myself and giving starts to all my friends.  Sign up now if you'd like me to send you seeds for this drought-loving pretty.


  1. PLease put me on you seed list.

    1. You bet! We should have lots of them. And it takes only one.

  2. Andrea,
    Nehir, non of us, coild not beleive that little plant has beatiful flowers now. We knew you will good take care of it. Thanks for sharing its adventure:)We like to be on the seed list but I don't know ifthey can be mailled:)

    1. Nehir, thank you for letting me grow your little sunflower for you. I'll check on the seeds, if they can be mailed. Then I'll save some for you.