Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm So Sorry, Mary

Three gifts dried and gone.  Center one still alive
They were a gift. I tucked them out of the hot sun.  I went away for a week.  I forgot. And when I brushed against their brittle stems, I was horrified.  The four, very special chrysanthemums were dried up.  Three were brittle.

Gift is now safely
in the ground
Immediately, all other Things I get to do today were set aside as I plunged the little pots into water, hoping for some life to be wetted and coaxed back.  Three were, indeed, gone.  But one precious plant sucked up the water, fattened its leaves and soothed my guilt.

Thank you, little plant, for holding on while dear friend Mary peddled over on her bike ladened with lovely chrysanthemum starts from her wildly varied collection.  Thank you for holding on while I was away and forgetful.  Thank you especially for drinking and holding on to the water and coming back to life.   *See first comment for a postscript.

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  1. How do I tell you that while I was clearing out debris around the out-of-the-hot-sun plant, I came across yet one more gifted plant. You guessed it. Dead.