Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hat Hair Solution

Ready for plarking

The hat's on.  That means Handy Andy has a serious plark project or projects lined up in the Things I get to do today.

Extra hair is off the neck and out the back
hole of the hat.  Cool and comfortable.

Prissy curls or long hair falling forward, blocking vision, requiring one hand to reposition stray locks, tossing the head to move the hair is strictly nonsense, at least for this practical person.  Get the job(s) done and be able to focus on the task, that's her motto.

Before the hat goes on, position 4 or 5 big
pin curls to hold the hair up and under the
hat.  At the end of the work day, they are
ready to be released and brushed out.

When the hat comes off, there's serious problem.  Hat hair--everybody knows what that is and has her own version of it--smashed, shapeless and ugly. There's this thing about Handy Andy, however. When she's working, she's working. When she's not, she "cleans up real good." The hat-hair thing has created a serious impediment to the clean-up.  Going out to eat wearing a cap because at its worst it is better than the hair is a grim thing to face.

Good enough!  Doesn't look like she sweated all
day in the muggy heat on a serious yard plark.

 Handy Andy, being who she is, put her thinking cap on, so to speak, and waited for a solution.



  1. Great idea! One reason I don't wear hats is "hat head hair", this is the solution!

    1. So glad that the solution seems useful to you, Melinda. We working gals can stick together to make like simpler.

    2. Thanks for reading "life" instead of "like."

  2. Replies
    1. Hope to see you out in your practical headgear soon, Pam.

  3. I wonder if you know how beautiful you are- in every way possible.
    Hat- no hat..
    Your heart shines- we can see it.

    1. Ah, Tweedles, bless your heart. Only a sweet pooch like you can see all that. You radiate beauty in your sphere, too. That's our job on this plane, right?

  4. I love this idea! I LIVE in a ball hat most of my life I think and hat hair is well... like you said. I am going to try this and see if I can look as glammed as you after a day of physical work!

    1. You'll look your best at least! It is so much easier to put the hat on and go to "work" if you know you can easily shed the look when you are changing gears. Blessing to you, Farmgirl!