Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sweet Violet

It just wasn't meant to be.  Chickens cannot behave like anything other than what they are.  This close knit clutch of girls are a seemingly impenetrable clique.  Sweet as Violet is, she will never be a member of the club.  That's just the way it is with chickens.
Shy Violet keeping her distance

In Violet's previous home, one of her sisters turned mean and aggressive toward her.  Her hen-tender mamma thought it best to send Violet to a new home.  I agreed to let her try out my flock to see if Violet would be better off here.  I wasn't thinking.  I know that moving the aggressor hen is a better idea.

Poor, shy, beaten-up Violet moved in a day ago with my gang of rough gals who are not shy about beating her up to keep her poor.  I sent a message to Violet's hen-tender mom that tonight would be a good time to come and rescue her Sweet Violet.

But now I'm not so sure.  I just came in from the hen pen.  All the hens, including Violet, were together with about two feet between them.  They were ignoring her.  I opened up the upper bank area for the girls to forage.  The gang ran up the bank to peck and scratch.  Violet stood still for a bit and shot off after them.  She suddenly came to her senses and stopped just short of the closest hen.  And then she made her way carefully to her own spot to scratch, got the leaves out of the way, and found a juicy worm that took two swallows to get down.  Let's give it another day.


  1. We do use the term Pecking Order so freely. It seems Violet has good sense about hers. When I brought home the new kitten two years ago he went straight to the bottom. Although the middle order of the three cats died unexpectedly, Toby remains at the bottom. He is #1 house cat, though, and struts when the real #1 is outside.

    1. Equality gets lip service, but just having the same physical makeup does not make critters equal in their systems. Cats certainly have their territories--first cat in owns the space, is that right? Go Toby!