Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Heart Beats Fast

The blossoms did it.  The sight of the fruit does it, too.  I'm nearly in a swoon.

The first of Things I get to do today is take my share of these beautiful cherries.  The birds have already gobbled the Bings from the central leader of the tree (it is grafted with five different cherries).  Next year I'm faster and smarter.  For now I have a photo on which my soul can feast and my heart can pick up speed.  I love this tree.
Race, heart, race.  Lapin Cherries.


  1. There was a bing cherry tree in the field by the house. It was old, and far too tall to be picked, but we children feasted on the fallen treasure.

    1. It all comes back just like yesterday, doesn't it? The warm juice squirts into the corners of your mouth as you bite the fruit.

  2. oh my goodness what a sight!! I want to reach out and pick one.