Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Runnering a Sweater

It began as a sweater, part of a sweater actually.  This is the story of the final project laid into my hands to be finished in memory of the work Karen had begun, worked many hours on, and then departed, leaving partial garments to be morphed into something else, perhaps.

Joyous sunflowers were so like Karen.  The back of this sweater had four of these giant flowers on it.  It was complete.  One side of the front was knit far enough up to hold a completed sunny face.  From that group of glories, and with the idea of making a runner for the back of a couch, the back was cut right down the middle (after securing the yarn with two rows of stitching by machine).  The seed stitch ribbing was placed on the ends, and the front flower was inserted into the middle.  A simple textured silk fabric in tans and browns was used to line the back.

I can feel Karen's relief in the completion of this work as it is knit into the Things I get to do today.  She is not displeased over its new purpose.  And she is delighted beyond words that it is going to Cal.

This work will be gifted to one of Karen's friends who is allergic to wool and who always
admired the vibrance of Karen and her halo of reddish, golden, sunflower-like hair.

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