Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Andy, Get Your Gun

The yellow-topped bottles are the best but
are also the trouble makers
I'm in love with a tall spray bottle. Pretty sick, I suppose, even for a cleaning freak. Before we judge, however, remember all the spray bottles we've used that spit, dribbled, and squirted, then went limp on the squeeze when you needed them most.  This industrial strength bottle creates a huge, perfectly fine mist when needed or can produce a stream that shoots four feet.  I love tools that work.  I love the way this basic helper functions.

Towel bar installed
There's often a catch or a small flaw, so here it is. The bottles are too tall to sit on the shelf with the cleaning supplies.  I've perched them directly under the cupboard (remember the idea of storing like things together) on the back of the wash machine. Talk about an unruly gang of helpers. These guys cannot adjust to the sloped surface and tend to tip every which way.  My confined wrist was ready to have me put "duke it out with them and win" on the Things I get to do today.
Ducks in a row

First, the old towel bar from the recycling collection was measured and found to fit, just barely. Next out came the first tool that was my very own--the cordless drill. A week ago I could not hold or tighten the bit or use this tool. But today the wrist is healed enough to accomplish all of these with ease.  I've got my gun!

And now the part of me that glows when things are organized is beaming with delight.  This gun slinger has the whole bunch of reprobates lined up in cooperation.

Andy's Gun


  1. Does your doctor know what you do? Or is this classified under Physical Therapy?
    In any event, nice job.

    1. Fortunately, my doctor does not know. Fortunately, there is only a little crack in the radius close to the thumb. Fortunately, the cast-making people told me I was free to do whatever I could do. Pain is a VERY good regulator. If it hurts, I don't/can't do it.