Friday, November 11, 2016

Unlikely Litter

I pick up litter. The trash varies in its makeup: plenty of cigarette butts, occasional clothing or boots, beer cans and bottles, plastic bags and cups from the fast-food restaurant and the grocery store nearby. It all goes into the yellow bag. The bags are hauled away by the city. Repeat every couple of weeks. Makes me feel better about my space on the Earth.

Really nothing to catch my attention on the road today when I headed out for a walk. On the return it seemed important to tidy up the occasional bit of debris--bare-handed, no gloves, no trash grabber, no big yellow bag. The last scrap of paper stopped me gloriously alert in my tracks. Tell me what you make of it!

The act of smiling opens the heart chakras making us more available to the outpouring of good from the Universe.
It also makes us more sensitive to the energies around us.
May your heart, your mind and your face smile today with Divine Guidance and Illumination.
So Be It!

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