Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Apologies to MaryJane

She Pinned my idea!  I was dumbstruck.  MaryJane put my idea for growing pineapple "the easy way" on her Pinterest page.  That was way back in January when the world stopped in its spin for just a moment, just for me, as I realized that the pineapple seeds discovered in October had finally sprouted.  Naturally, I wrote a blog about finding the seeds, the sprouting attempts, the actual sprouting and the subsequent growth of the tiny little pineapple plants in my own private pineapple plantation.

The dried remains of seven sprouted pineapple seeds
Well, it turns out this experiment was not so juicy as the last (you remember the hair/tea item).  This one went dry.  Right after the last update, complete with pictures and charts on the wall with the date and how many inches these babies had grown, right after that the growing stopped.  To paraphrase Brilliant Bob on this one, "If it's not busy growing, it's busy dying."  And slowly the life drained out of the tiny, pointed leaves.  It was sad.  I thought of someone's comment on the original growing pineapples blog:  where was I planning to "house" these huge plants that would result?  Not to worry, dear heart.  That's no longer a concern.

New hope and still green.  I'll mail the first pineapple
directly to MaryJane.

Fortunately, or not, I was born with a never-say-die spirit and immediately began a follow-up experiment.  This time I used pineapple tops and plunked them into soil.  They've been hanging out in the greenhouse since the little ones bit the dust.  Since it takes much longer for the big leaves to dry up, I have yet no idea if they are alive and growing or just slow to die away.

So just to set things right, MaryJane Butters, I'm so sorry.  Things I get to do today: admit that one may be able to grow pineapple, but I have yet to know if there is an easy way.


  1. Actually, I think you move to the Philippines, or buy a pineapple plantation there. But, we'll see.

    1. Sweet! Now that is an experiment of GRAND proportions. I'm on it. Keep you posted.