Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fresh Dirt and a Cheap Hair Cut

Benign neglect, but neglect just the same 
I pulled it up by the top and looked.  Covered with damp earth were the little roots I was hoping for.  Pulling up a plant to see how it is doing is not a "Gardner's Bible" recommendation, but the pineapple tops were not actually secured in the soil.  By tipping them sideways and taking a peek, I could see three or four tiny whitish roots coming out from where the leaves had once been.

Little roots popping out the sides

Several months ago when the pineapple seed experiment went South, the pineapple top experiment began.  Now through occasional care and frequent neglect, it appears that they have survived and have even grown.  How amazing!

 Always remove the dead or dried leaves or twigs from a plant.
Leaving only the green is a vast improvement.
It's easier to tend something that looks good.
I'll pay closer attention now and actually care for them.

To honor their wondrous efforts in holding on and, indeed, growing this long, Things I get to do today seemed appropriate to include giving them fresh dirt and a hair cut.


  1. "Always remove the dead or dried leaves or twigs from a plant."
    That's the only thing I know about gardening. At this moment I need to do that to two unknowns in the garden. I have expectations of them in the spring.

    1. And they will not disappoint you. Have to say we both must have the Garden Bible memorized is we know that one thing. Smart us!