Sunday, September 4, 2016

Not Soon Enough

A resonating read recommended by a traveling friend.
Alice Steinbach: 1933 - 2012
What is that feeling? Discovering for the first time, but only yesterday, a life-long friend who speaks in words only your soul knows. Her stories of travel opening up a part of ones being that has, all this time, begged for air.

Alice has been my best friend forever, though I met her just last week.

Eager to learn more of her life in the period after this book was written, Things I Get to Do Today found instead that she had slipped away before I knew of her at all, before there was a place in my consciousness to stash the deliciousness of her narrative.

Ever elegant and wise, she left behind several books to soothe me. Now that's a good friend!


  1. I have a feeling that you have been reading,, and reading!

    1. Well, not that much of a reader, but I did just move through this one with ease and delight. Bet you are more of a reader of the wind and the earth!