Monday, August 1, 2016

Drain Mice*

*WARNING* This blog post very nearly, but not quite, contained graphic photos unsuitable for strong-stomached reading audiences!!


Drain Rats are what you tug up out of the shower drain when you finally buckle down to give it a good clean. Be prepared for an ugly, stomach-turning blob of goo that has collected over the last three years or however long you've neglected the job.

Drain Mice are the smaller species of similarly disgusting material, maybe four years in collecting, that have amassed in the drain of your bathroom sink.

My sister and I made a pact to clean our houses separate bathroom sinks a few days ago. She got her's done right away. I left mine to one of the Things I Get to Do Today. With the help of wrenches, boiling water, baking soda, vinegar, rags, brushes, picks and rubber gloves (Oh, please do NOT forget the gloves!) the slimy mouse is gone. The sink drain is clean. The water slips down and out with ease. I conquered the monster. You can, too! I'm sipping ginger ale--my stomach will be recovered by the time you read this


  1. good you have job in getting it all gone! When you mentioned the word mice,,, it makes me think of what I have been dealing with ,,,, mice getting into the car,,, and trying to caGpture them !
    Now Isee a different kind of mice!

    1. You go in with the energy of "now or never" for the sink. The car--we've had real mice there, too. but on the battery under the hood. Not so scary there.

  2. I bet you had to tug real hard to get "that mess" out of your drain!! Ker plunk!

  3. I'm making my rounds on the fellow farm girl blogs. I thought it would be a fun way to connect off MJF and boost our readership at the same time.
    My DH made a coat hanger hook that I keep by the shower. When I see the hair building up I scoop it out and plop it in the trash.
    The kitchen sink is my nemisis and I have yet to come up with the right combination for an all natural deodorizer. I just use vinegar and baking soda for now.