Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sun in a Basket

Several dozen little heads and a few big ones, too.  These are going back to
the birds (and the squirrels, chipmunks, deer, ground squirrels and mice).
How much sun, sunshine, sunlight, does it take to make a sunflower? How many hours of powerful energy were absorbed in these many seed heads. From their tiny beginnings as seeds from heads like these, the sprouts became plants and grew from April to September. You do the arithmetic. I'll just stand in awe of the Divine Knowing that manifests here. As sunflowers. As sunshine in a basket.


  1. We love this post!! You have a way of making us think, and wonder and feel !
    That little sunflower has a story to tell- doesn't it?
    The sun shinned for 2166 hours for 6 months, and then- the sunflowers were tall and happy!

  2. I forgot to say this photo of the sleeping sunflowers heads is beautiful! We love it.