Monday, April 6, 2015

Get To. . .

Ferny rosettes of young Knapp Weed

"It is, indeed, my pleasure to. . . " I like those words so very much better than "have to." Can you feel the difference in your gut when you try them on for size?

Lush green heart eager under last season's dried growth
Recently it was my pleasure to remove Knapp Weed from the  county property next to my house.  Last summer the green plants with deceptively charming purple flowers swooshed in the breeze of the traffic going by.  Winter turned the tops grey-brown.  The purple flowers turned to seed heads.  The dormant plant resembled baby's breath, but chunkier.  The energy of spring has the perennial gathering steam for a new year.

Tiny, tell-tale pompoms that mark Knapp Weed.

Knapp Weed is considered a noxious invasive species here in Oregon.  The roots release a chemical that discourages other plants from growing.  Letting it go unchecked is not a good idea.  So Michael, another volunteer, and I marked off a section of the affected land and took it on.  Three hours of focused effort equalled ten bags piled at the corner for the city to pick up.

We'll go after it again one of these days.  Two more "get to's" ought to do.

Ready for pick up


  1. Good for capturing the little buggers. I wonder if we have that here .
    We like that you "get to do stufff too"

    1. Everyone "gets to." Hoping that they can see they have a choice.